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Men's Club May '08
Men's Club May '08

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Update (8/27/2009):Well, we had a small but good meeting at Slow's BBQ on Michigan Ave. and then Nancy Whiskey's, just around the corner. It was a low-key event, just a few of us getting together after a long hiatus. More events coming later this year!

Update (9/6/2008): I've uploaded a few more pictures from last month's meeting at the Hydroplane Observation Deck. Again, they're from Chris's boat. I've got them loaded here in the HydroplaneObservationDeck08142008/FromGarySchwartz directory. Thanks to Gary Schwartz for the pictures!

Update (8/23/2008): I've uploaded a few pictures from this month's meeting at the Hydroplane Observation Deck. Well, really they're from Chris's boat, where we spent most of the afternoon. I've got them loaded here in the HydroplaneObservationDeck08142008/FromMikeMonan directory. Thanks to Chris Tabor for the location!

Update (8/12/2008): Ara Howrani and Lance Havelka took more amazing pictures from our meeting at Silvio's Italian American museum last month. I love their shots and feel they really communicated the event's feel. I've got them loaded here in the SilviosFromHowraniStudios07102008 directory. Thanks again Ara and Lance!

I've got more pictures to upload from this event, but haven't had time to do it yet. Stay tuned!

Update (7/1/2008): Sergio de Giusti sent over some pictures of our July meeting's location at Silvio's Rita Pizzeria & Italian American Museum in Redford. Check them out in the images/SilviosItalianAmericanMuseum07102008 directory. Thanks Sergio!

Update (6/25/2008): Chris Tabor sent over some pictures of our August meeting's location at the Hydroplane Observation Deck on the Detroit River! Check them out in the images/HydroplaneObservationDeck08142008 directory. Thanks Chris!

Update (6/20/2008): Ara Howrani and Lance Havelka took some amazing pictures from our meeting at their studios a couple of months back. They really captured the feel of the event. I've got them loaded here in the images/HowraniStudiosPortraits05082008 directory. Thanks Ara and Lance!

Update (6/12/2008): Sergio de Giusti took some great pictures from our last meeting at Ameen and Ara Howrani's Photography Studio. You can fine them all in the images/HowraniStudios05082008 directory. Thanks Sergio!

Update (5/13/2008): We've gotten images of our April meeting from Sergio de Giusti. See them in the images/PlayersClub04102008 directory. We also have images of next month's location (pre-meeting, a first!) from Chris Tabor; they can be found at images/GoatYard06122008

Update (4/8/2008): We've gotten more images from Sergio de Giusti was kind enough to put on a CD and send over. These are historical images from years past. See them in the images/HistoricalPicsFromSergio directory.

Update (3/10/2008): We've got some new images that Sergio de Giusti was kind enough to take and send over. See them in the images directory.

Back in 2003, I had the great fortune of meeting Randy Eaton. He was interesting, thoughtful, caring, and above all, a positive force in life. You always walked away feeling better after talking to Randy.

Randy passed away January 28, 2007. There was a beautiful wake celebrating his life on 8/4/2007. People had so many wonderful stories from all the different periods of his life. When he passed, he wanted no flowers, no donations. Instead he wanted you to give a $20 bill to a total stranger. That kind of summed up who he was.

One of the great things that Randy did for this area was start what he referred to as a "Men's Club". As stated in the charter:

The Men's Club was founded in December of 2002 to:

  1. Encourage you to find something to like about a perfect stranger.
  2. Take a break from the normality's of your life to discover who a new person is rather than what they do.
  3. And, to surround you in Art, History and uncommon locales while you're at lunch having all this fun.

The policies of the club were straightforward as well:

  • Attendance is for men, and is by invitation only.
  • Once you have attended a lunch, you are always welcome back; and, are encouraged to bring a new guy with you.
  • The Guest Speaker is the guy you're talking to.
  • Members are encouraged to sit and chat with a new guy each time they attend.
  • The Club has no dues, hierarchy nor organization of any kind.
  • We always meet on the Second Thursday of each month at noon.
  • Members are invited to bring lunch for themselves and one other guy
  • Members try to remember to bring some kind of nametag to wear at meetings, so they can act like they know each other's names
  • Women are encouraged to form their own Club.
  • Promoting commercial ventures via the mailing list is discouraged, but certainly do make your business known at the lunches. (this is a really cool network of a most eclectic collection of guys)

Meetings were held once a month at an interesting Detroit location. Some examples: The Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Detroit Opera House, Ameen Howrani's Photography Studio, and many others. Meetings took place between 2002 and 2006. I have a few photos taken during Men's Club meetings.

Email notice/reminders of the meetings usually were sent out by Randy. Something like this (from the 6/05):

Attention Gentlemen!
The next fabulous Men's Club Luncheon Meeting will be
held on July 14th at the Ameen Howrani Photography
Studio (with central air) located at 2820 E. Grand
Blvd., Detroit, MI 48211 between 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

Don't forget... to bring $5 cash, a bottle of wine,
water, or anything you like to drink. The food will be
ready and prepared by gourmet chef "DiPankar"...
you'll love it! Only the best for my club members.

Please RSVP so we can get a count for the chef. Either
call me at 313.xxx.xxx or email
[email protected].

Hope to see everyone there!

This page is a dedication to my friend, Randy. Myself and others are making efforts to restart what he began. If you are a man and are interested in getting on the Detroit Men's Club email list, please drop me a line at .

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