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I am the founder, Drupal engineering lead, and usability lead for TechReprieve. We provide high quality software engineering architecture & development, project management, and usability services. Please email monan@techreprieve.com for service information, pricing, and references.

If you'd like, you can download my resume, in either PDF, Word, or plain text format. A short professional biography is also available in plain text format.

A few of my recent clients are listed below, with explanations of the role that I played while working with them.

Q Ltd, and ProteomeCommons.org

I worked with the client (Q Ltd, and ProteomeCommons.org) to complete a heuristic analysis and redesign of the information architecture of the ProteomeCommons.org website, as well as the Tranche tool subsite. After this was completed I did a full heuristic analysis, and task analysis of Tranche, a scientific peer-to-peer data sharing application (written in Java). After these activities were complete, I worked with the client to complete an expert-based redesign of the application with the goal to keep the primary tasks at the fore and make the application consistent with industry standards. Before and after versions of the tool can be provided on request.

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

In order to meet patients and patients' families needs more effectively the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center requested a full re-architecture and redesign of their existing website. My role in this endeavor was to plan and execute multiple user-centered activities in order to inform the website redesign. These activities included (but were not limited to) heuristic evaluation of existing site with a focus on website usability, organize and run multiple focus groups to determine user needs, facilitate card sorting activities used in design of new architecture and terminology, perform task analysis, and multiple rounds of user testing and analysis.

Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

With the goal of better addressing students and non-student entrepreneur needs, I was tasked with completing a full heuristic analysis, a full task analysis, and completing user testing (and analysis of results) of the existing Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies web site. These activities were done to put together a metrics based approach for redesigning the web site to better address user needs. This redesign is ongoing.

Other Notable TechReprieve Clients

Ann Arbor Center for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Diamond Bullet Design
Foraker Design, LLC
IAS - Internet Applications and Solutions, Inc.
jhColeman, LLC
Kelleher Enterprise Inc.
KTP Design
KISS Auction
IAS - Internet Applications and Solutions, Inc.
Market Arts Creative
Michigan Life Sciences Pipeline
Motor City Interactive

Movement Systems Inc.
Optimization Group, Inc.
Orange Buoy
Orion Automotive
QE Tools, LLC
Sampson Data-Pattern Index
Snap Dragon Media
Stout Systems
Symbolic Traditions Inc.
Tecra Systems, Inc.
Website Optimization, LLC

Previous to this, I was the Director of Engineering at Diamond Bullet Design. While there, I was able to create some very cool web-based software, advise people in how to make their sites easier to use and how to make more money from their online storefronts, and managed some of the largest projects that the company has ever worked on. Finally, I had the privilege of managing some of the most dedicated and talented people I had ever worked with. A sampling of some of these projects is below.

The University of Michigan Business School

The University of Michigan Business School was in the midst of a major effort to brand itself as one of the top business schools in the country. As part of this initiative, they needed to redesign their web site to reflect their new image. The School wanted the new site to not only be visually attractive and functional, but also to offer simple and successful user experiences.

I successfully managed this website redesign project to on-time and under budget completion. Team responsibilities included creating a new unified look for all the existing UMBS content, migrating over 3,000 pages of existing content and dynamic web applications into new site information architecture, and getting buy-in from more than 10 department heads on every aspect.

Read the case study and the white paper (previously from the Diamond Bullet website).

The University of Michigan Alumni Association

The University of Michigan Alumni Association (UMAA) serves as the main contact point between the university and its extensive alumni population. Meeting the diverse information, networking, and support needs of U-M graduates worldwide, the organization needed a complex and versatile website that would incorporate a variety of dynamic elements but still be easy to navigate and easy to use.

I successfully managed this project to on-time and under budget completion. I was in charge of all team members, final results of mockups, user testing and interviews, information architecture, system implementation and integration. Finally, I worked with the client to ease integration into their existing site with the additional software components they needed to deploy.

Read the case study (previously from the Diamond Bullet website).


Developed a bilingual clinical trials management site used by Parkinson's Disease patients to gain an understanding of the risks and benefits of participating in various clinical drug trials. The system provided a full editorial review process for taking highly technical clinical trial text and converting it to something that a layperson can easily understand. It's being used daily to help find a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

Calsonic Kansei North America

Implemented an innovative project management tool used by Calsonic Kansei North America, a big-three automotive supplier to keep track of internal deadlines and deliverables for their various products. Email me for information about access to a demo version.

ABC News Store

I managed this project as well as developed the site for this client. A highlight of this project was the blending of an innovative text retrieval search solution with a database backend in order to make users more successful when searching for appropriate topical transcripts of ABC News programs. This increased bottom line sales and customer satisfaction. The site is on line, but unfortunately, it appears that the tool has been replaced. I'd love to talk with you more about the specifics of the tool and it's impact on the site.

Other Notable Diamond Bullet Clients

USNews and World Reports
ACM CHI Conference 2002
ACM CHI Conference 2003
Esperion Therapeutics

General Motors
Cliff Keen Athletics
Arbor Partners, LLC
Ann Arbor Soccer School


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